Buck: Legacy

“Get all satisfaction of a tabletop roleplaying session in less time than it takes to set up a character for one!”

Buck: Legacy™ is a card based Dungeon Crawling RPG where players create their character from 3 pony races and 10 adventurer classes. Gameplay revolves around fighting monsters and earning gold pieces to purchase equipment to add to their inventory.

Players can be freely co-operative or competitive. Players aim to win by collecting the most medals, which are awarded for fighting monsters, traveling distance and defeating bosses.

  • Enormous customisation and replayability with the huge array of classes and races!
  • The tabletop RPG experience condensed into a card game! Fast and satisfying RP experience!
  • The flexible game system encourages modding and house rules.
Core Set Information

Buck: Legacy English Rulebook Download (1.44 MB)
Cards: 168
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 60-120min
Age: 14+
Shipping Class: Bulky
Stand-alone game.

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