Mold to play Poker to be rich Fundraising techniques you need to know

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Talking About Poker Either Way, It’s About Money. Because Money Is The Driving Force In This Industry. It’s Like The Blood Flow In A Poker Player’s Life. Which Some Of You Start From Small Generate Income And Fund Many Gold Piles On This Path Purely. Some Of Them Are Hybrids. There Is Some Money Added From Other Parts, Some Playable, Sometimes Damaged, Wash All The Capital, Can Find A New One. While The Upper Line May Have To Borrow Other People’s Money To Increase The Balance But Either Way All Have To Form Capital Through Cards. (More Or Less) And How To Mold? What Are The Principles? And Which One Will Suit You Best?

Mold to play Poker to be rich Fundraising techniques you need to know

1. Collect Daily Premiums

This Is To Play Profits And Keep Collecting Each Day. The Important Thing Is To Set Goals For How Much You Get. By Placing The Amount Of Capital Used To Play Regularly On A Daily Basis Suitable For Those Who Play Profitably For Three Good Days, Four Days Of Fever, Sometimes Playing Like A Sleepwalker, Accidentally Clearing Some Funds Until All.

So If You Are Like That Let’s Consider This As An Alternative. But If You Feel Like Collecting A Hundred And Two Hundred A Day, It’s Slow.

The Recommended Way To Manage Money Is To Divide The Level. For Example, At First Place 100 Per Day, If The Capital Reaches 1000, Move The Profit To 200 Per Day, Capital Up To 5,000, Move To 300 Around This, But If It Falls Back Lower Than Before They Use The Same Rate.

P.S. This Method Can Be Compared With % As Well.

2. Keep Up With Me

If You Are Someone Who Some Days Play And Then Luck Is On Your Side. Even If You Throw And Throw, You’ll Always Win, And Setting A Small Goal Might Cost You A Chance. Let Your Feelings Be Measured. If Playing And You Feel Slow And Tired, Withdraw. Use The Same Capital To Play Regularly Divided Every Day. If It’s A Lot, Want To Adjust The Balance Later, That’s It. But If The Day Is Over, Continue

I’ll Be Dragging The Other Days As Well.

3. Compound Interest

This One Is Quite The Devil. And Rarely Recommend Anyone To Play Because It’s Wrong, But There Are People Who Do. This Line Is How Much Money You Have. Put It All In. How Much Money Do You Have To Continue? The Number Of Wood Is Not Very Focused. Emphasis On Strength And Speed Some People Have One Stick, Some People Make 4-5 Trees.

Have 100 Get 150 (50%)

Got 150 Got 225 (50%)

Got 225 Got 337 (50%)

3 Days Profit 3 Times, 6 Days Profit 10 Times, Or Maybe Faster If Compression Per Day Increases.

But… As I Said, Demonic Skills No Pro Player Recommends This Method. As For The Number That The Pro Recommends That Investment Ratio Set How Much Capital You Have Divided By 50, Which Will Be The Number Of Times We Buy-In. (Or Buy Chips To Play In Each Round) When You Get That Number, Divide By 100.

The Resulting Figure Is The Price, The Big Blind, The UFABET Room That Should Be Played. This Means That Each Play Should Have 100 Big Bly.

Will Not Be Pressurized So That There Is No Need To Rush All-In And Others Wouldn’t Dare To Be Stubborn.

What’s More About The Strategy In Depth? Follow On The Page

Ah, Almost Forgot The Most Important Thing. We All Know That It’s Very Painful To Lose The Profit. And Many People Tend To Refuse To Fight Until From A Beautiful Positive To A Large Negative.

I Truly Pity Myself. Therefore, The Last Thing To Give Is A Stop Loss Or Postponement Of The Profit Cut-Off Point.

That Is…If Your Profit Is 1000 And The Profit Goes Down, Take One, Lose 100, Then Stop And Take The Money. But If It Continues To Be Positive, It Gradually Moves Along.

2,000 Then Escaped At 1,900

3,500 Then Escaped At 3,400

Which Will Determine The Number Or Proportion? I Managed To Plan Accordingly. And Then Do As Well. Don’t Ever Forget It!!!