Why do many chess players win in the WSOP?

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Why Do So Many Chess Players Win At Poker Games?

Arkadiy Tsinis At The WSOP Underscores A New Trend That Has Been Going Strong In Recent Years: Chess Players Are Good Poker Players. With The Increasing Number Of Chess Players Who Have Switched To Poker And Succeeded. Therefore, It Is Not Surprising That We Will Find Chess Players In UFABET Cards. Plus, More And More People Are Quitting Chess And Playing Poker.

Why do many chess players win in the WSOP?

Ylon Schwartz Spent Thousands Hours To Study Chess Let’s Get Serious About How To Play Poker. And It Was Poker That Netted Him $3.89 Million In The 2008 WSOP Main Event Schwartz. A Friend Of Arkady Tsinis Who Won First Place,
Schwartz Himself Is A Testament To The Opportunities In Poker For Skilled Chess Players.

Chess Life Is Not Cool Compared To Poker. A Few Different Things Are The Keys To This Move. And The Most Important Key Is The Amount Of Money That Can Be Tangible “You’re Never Going To Be A Good Chess Player Unless You’re One Of The Top 20 In The World,” Schwartz Told PokerListings. As The Last Table Player While His Friend Tsinis Gave An Interview As A Champion With ESPN.

“If It’s Poker You Are Lucky And Only Win One Tournament. You Are Already A Millionaire,” He Said. With Online Poker Now Available Almost All Over The World. And Start Accessing Live Tournaments At All Levels Poker Has Never Crossed The Chessboard In Terms Of Money Making Opportunities.

The Second Point, Which Is Probably Equally Important, Is That Starting Poker. The Basics Of Playing Chess Have Greatly Helped. “The Transition From Chess To Poker Was Easy. Because Chess Is Infinitely Difficult,” Schwartz Said.

“You Were Trained To Sit. And Were Trained To Study Strategies And Were Trained To Remember All Of Which Is Used In Poker,” He Said, While Chess Is A Lofty Arena. But It Doesn’t Help To Have Money For Rice. “It Doesn’t Look Ugly If You’re A Chess Player In Your 20s, But If You’re In Your 30s Then You Have To Change,” Schwartz Says. They Would Have No Other Choice. And Switched To Poker Like Me.”