7 bedtime habits that disturb sleep Plus, the weight increased without realizing it.

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Ladies, have you ever wondered why losing weight doesn’t make you lose weight at all? Today we will invite you to know 7 bedtime habits that not only disturb your sleep but also cause you to gain weight easily. And sometimes it makes weight loss ineffective as well. Let’s see what bedtime habits are that disturb sleep and cause weight gain.

7 bedtime habits that disturb sleep Plus, the weight increased without realizing it.

1. Eat a large meal before going to bed.
Eating a large meal before going to bed Or eat large quantities of food and have excess calories. Will result in weight gain easily. Because eating a large meal before going to bed Will cause the body to work to digest these foods until late at night. Therefore causing the body to work harder even during sleep time. It is considered a serious sleep disturbance. causing insufficient rest When you wake up, you will feel dizzy. It also tends to make the body crave a high-calorie breakfast.

2. Eat spicy and caffeinated food before going to bed.
In addition to eating a large meal before going to bed Eating spicy and caffeinated food before going to bed It can also play a part in disturbing sleep. Because these foods cause the ufabet https://ufabet999.app body to stop working. Resulting in insomnia It also stimulates metabolism. and continuously disturbs sleep, so women must be careful about eating these foods in the evening At least it should be eaten 2-3 hours before going to bed is best.

3. Drink alcohol before going to bed.
Drinking alcoholic beverages before going to bed. contributes to disturbing sleep And it can also have a negative effect on sleep. Some people choose to drink alcohol before bed to relax and fall asleep quickly. But in reality, it disrupts the sleep cycle or the period of falling asleep and dreaming. Therefore, it can be concluded that alcoholic beverages are considered to be drinks that contribute to the quality of people’s sleep.

4. Go to bed immediately after eating.
Going to bed immediately after eating It will prevent the burning of calories from occurring. It also stimulates acid reflux. Acid reflux also interferes with sound sleep. Which also results in weight gain as well.

5. Exposure to blue light before going to bed.
Girls’ behavior Do it often before going to bed. Often playing on mobile phones This causes the body to receive blue light. by blue light from various screens It can affect the sleep cycle. Because this type of light stops melatonin or the hormone that helps with sleep. In order not to disturb sleep at night, it is recommended that girls stop using cell phones or being exposed to blue light 1 hour before going to bed.

6. Exercise close to bedtime.
Of course, regular exercise will help you fall asleep easily, but if you exercise too late at night, Especially during the time close to bedtime. It will cause the biological clock to become messy. Including disrupting the sleep cycle.

7. Sleep less than 6 hours.
Sleep is not enough to meet the needs of the body. In particular, sleeping less than 6 hours contributes to weight gain. Losing weight doesn’t work. And it also disturbs sleep. This is because not getting enough sleep is related to obesity. Because of the length of sleep It affects two hormones in the body: leptin and ghrelin. which is a hormone that controls hunger So if you don’t get enough sleep It can affect these 2 types of hormones.

For girls who want to maintain the quality of their sleep. Including wanting to lose weight effectively It is recommended that you pay attention to the 7 behaviors that you do before going to bed that we have mentioned above. Because these behaviors contribute to poor quality sleep. And can result in weight gain as well.