7 behaviors that girls often do before bed that cause weight gain without realizing it.

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Girls, do you know that there are many behaviors that you do every night? May contribute to weight gain. Today we have gathered together 7 habits that are considered behaviors that women often do before bed, which results in weight gain, to share with you. Let’s see what’s there.

7 behaviors that girls often do before bed that cause weight gain without realizing it.

1. Eat spicy food and have caffeine.
Eating spicy food Resulting in the body’s metabolism. and can disturb sleep As for food or drinks that contain caffeine, they are considered foods that cause the body to stop functioning. Which will interfere with the body’s functioning as well. This is when the body is disturbed from sleep. There is a chance of weight gain. So if girls want to consume these foods Recommended to eat in the evening, which is approximately 2-3 hours away from bedtime. and does not disturb sleep

2. Drink alcohol
alcoholic beverages It inevitably affects sleep and negatively affects physical health. Many people may think that drinking alcohol before bed, especially wine, will help the body relax and make it fall asleep quickly. But in reality Instead, it disrupts the sleep cycle. Therefore, it can make the quality of sleep worse. Importantly, it also makes girls Waking up in the middle of the night and continuing to have trouble sleeping This is not enough sleep. It will have a negative effect and disturb hunger hormones. It can also make you feel like you want to eat unhealthy food.

3. Eat a lot of food.
Eating large amounts of food before going to bed. There is a chance that the weight of the girls will increase. up quickly Especially if you eat a large meal before bed. It will make the body work harder to digest food until the middle of the night. Therefore, it is not strange that the body still works hard even when girls are young. sleeping

4. Go to bed immediately after eating.
Going to bed immediately after eating without leaving a gap of 2-3 hours may prevent the body from burning calories from the food you just ate. It can also stimulate acid reflux. However, acid reflux will interfere with deep sleep. and causing the สมัคร ufabet weight of the girls An increase will inevitably follow.

5. Exercise near bedtime.
Exercising near bedtime There is an opportunity to change the life clock of girls. There can be chaos. It also greatly disrupts the sleep cycle. Even though exercise makes the body strong and very energetic. But if you exercise at the wrong time Especially near bedtime It will make the body unable to rest on time. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise regularly in the morning or evening. It will help promote being able to sleep more easily.

6. Receive blue light
I believe there are girls. Many people like to play with their mobile phones on the bed. Many people choose playing with their mobile phones as the last activity of the day. In this case, playing on mobile phones Working in front of a computer screen or watching TV causes your eyes to be exposed to blue light. which is light that can affect the sleep cycle The blue light stops melatonin or the hormone that helps induce sleep. Therefore, I recommend it to girls. Stop using your cell phone at least 1 hour before going to bed is best.

7. Sleep less than 6 hours.
Sleep less than 6 hours per day. As a result, the body does not receive enough rest. Insufficient sleep can be related to obesity. During the period of sleep It affects two hormones: leptin and ghrelin. which is a hormone that helps control hunger Therefore, if you don’t get enough sleep, it will affect those hormones. Causing weight to increase as a result.

For any ladies who don’t want to gain weight due to habits or behaviors that they do regularly. I recommend that you try to improve. Don’t ignore these little behaviors. Because the effects on the body are not slight at all.